BI recommends the University of Surrey's MA Business Translation with Interpreting. This programme unites translation and interpreting studies to provide you with the skills and the flexibility to perform both tasks professionally in a business context. 


The team – importance of Agency knowledge and experience 
Conferences that use many languages are difficult to “design” . This is due to the number of language combinations that are needed. An agency is vital as, if knowledgeable,  can work out the combinations and linguists of these combinations.

1.    The conference Room 
There are three conventional room layouts


Boardroom Style




  • Centrally located rectangular table with seating all sides and ends
  • Classic layout, ideal for debate and discussions
  • Popular for smaller meetings









  • A series of conference tables set in the shape of the letter U with chairs around the outside
  • Square layout conducive to discussion
  • Presentation space in the middle of the room



Classroom Style




  • Rows of conference tables with chairs facing the front of a room (and usually speaker), providing writing space for each person
  • Used for teaching





Theatre Style




  • Seats of chairs in rows facing a stage area, head table, or speaker (with no conference tables)
  • Used for presentations and displays
  • Used for larger number of delegates
  • Allows for optimal room capacity

The positioning of interpreting booths is crucial to the smooth running of operations. The interpreter needs to be able to view all that is happening on the floor without any obstructions. If there are obstructions, video link may be needed

Furthermore Interpreters and technician should be able to have a discrete means of entering/leaving booths. The booths should be grouped together. The technician's control panel should be situated next to the booths.

Subject materials and information 
Conference interpreters take great pride in their work and because job of interpreting is so instant and unpredictable, it is good to make as predictable as possible by allowing them to get familiarised with the subject of the conference, aims and goals, possible speeches, or providing any material that could help them prepare.  The client needs to ensure that plenty of time is given to pass the necessary information to interpreters.

Reference materials interpreters usually ask for:

o The conference agenda and any  presentations/notes that speakers will use

o A list of participating organisations
o Any conference handouts
o Previous conference notes or minutes

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